Friends For You: hai un cellulare WindowsMobile? Con "Friends For You" saprai sempre dove sono i tuoi amici.

Friends For You


Friends For You

It's a free application for Facebook users that have a cell phone or smartphone with Windows Mobile and GPS receiver

With  Friends For You you'll always know where are your FB friends!

Click here   to dowmload the application. It's free and will be free forever!

To dowlnoad the application directly on your smartphone, open the browser internet and enter the following address:


User's Guide:

1. Application Setup (facultative):

If using your mobile phone you've never connected to Facebook, then you will see the following request:

Once connected, you will see the following window with the GPS positioning of you and your friends.
The Action Radius allows to include or exclude your friends according to their distance from you.

The "Update every ..." button informs you of the update rate, and pushing, force an immediate update of your position and that of your friends.

Both the Action Radius that the Update Time can be defined in the Setup window.

By clicking the GPS button in the upper-right, you can analyze the signal of your GPS:

By clicking on the Friends button (bottom right), you can see the list of your friends:

By default they are all active, but clicking on the state (ON / OFF) you can turn them off.Only active friends can see your position!